Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tourney results and lowsec visits

Well, after forgetting to post the results of my alliance tournament, I feel like I'm obligated to treat my readers (or lack thereof) to a special post! Sadly enough, I forgot to document the whole thing so I'm just going to talk about the fights I was in.

First Fight: Axinex (Rifter) vs Eelaina Sis (Cant remember)
This one started out pretty well, with myself narrowly leading Eelaina into armor with my EMP S-loaded autocannons. That's where I messed up. In using a EM round, I made it nearly impossible to get through her armor. And, as expected, once I got through her shields, my DPS disappeared. Idiocity on my behalf.
Winner: Eelaina Ris

Seeing as this was a fight where it was stop-at-structure, I was thoroughly frustrated in not getting either a kill- or loss-mail, so I flew out to station to rep up and reload on ammo.

Fight Two: Axinex (Rifter) vs. Rain Fellswoop (Rifter)
Well, this fight was a goddamn massacre. Within 45 seconds of opening fire, I was half way through armor, mostly due to the fact that I was using an armor buffer tank rather than an active armor tank. No contest.
Winner: Rain Fellswoop

After the tourney ended, I flew home to Caslemon to start getting ready for a manufacturing run. After an hour of hauling minerals from one end of Gallente space to the other and consolidating oher assets, I threw my 100 Tristans into the oven and let them cook. They should be done in 4 days or so... So while I was sitting doing nothing in station other than aimlessly looking up market data, my Alliance-mate Rain Fellswoop (yeah the same guy that slaughtered me hours before) was trekking into lowsec to move some old assets back to Empire. Suddenly, the alliance public channel lit up ad he began blabbing the details of a near-perfect group of systems in Amarr lowsec. As he coninued, I began to imagine what things would be like, and long story short, I headed to market to gather supplies to join up with Rain in said systems (no I won't tell you where these systems are. I'd rather not turn the empty place into a bustling killzone.) so yeah, I ended up fitting a Thorax for some basic self-defense pvp. I then proceeded to log off and sleep xD

The next day (today), I started heading out to the point of no return, the last bit of real Empire I'd see until I came home. After hauling ass through lowsec, without a hitch, I made it to my destination. Upon arrival, I found an empty system, with the exception of myself and Rain. For the next 5 hours, we did lots of setting up safespots, ratting, surveying, finding and nearly getting killed by POS'es, and running a few complexes. In less than one day in lowsec, I doubled my wallet. :D

Overall, I'm really liking lowsec. Where we are, at least. Though this is technically a "scouting party" for a future lowsec home for our alliance, we have turned it into a mission to drop a POS in lowsec (in order to "pay for further 'scouting trips'") and in a sense, an adventure. I don't plan on doing any mining out here until we get some blueprints for ammo (which we nearly ran out of xD), nor do I plan on intentionally pvp'ing, but I feel the carebear starting to fade away.

Axinex > haha i think im starting to like it here, I might like it so much, i may never leave xD
Rain Fellswoop > lol

But anyways...
Fly Safe, Shoot Straight

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Alliance tourney

Participating in my alliance's first 1v1 tourney. I'll be in the t1 Frigate category, using my trusty Rifter. I'll post about how it goes afterwards.

Fly safe, shoot straight!

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