Monday, August 9, 2010

Sansha Attacks?

Well, I realize that I've been neglecting my blog for a while, and I guess my readers deserve better in terms of more posts. I'd post more but school is starting this coming Monday, meaning the amount of time that I can spend playing EVE will become strained. But who says I can't blog this week before school starts? Let's start now.

Well, today was mostly uneventful until I logged in after lunch to the following message:

******** > Citizens of the empire, rise in arms, there is an attack under way on the Madirmilire system. Let us stand together and drive those monsters back to where they came from.

The first thought to run through my mind was: "EPICK LEWTZ." The second was: "Oh shit. Sansha battlships and caps in highsec... Lots of dead capsuleers... Moar lewtz!" After deliberating with myself and my alliance-mates for a minute or two, I swapped the web on my Cane for an EM shield hardener and undocked.

Upon jumping into Madirmilire, I was immediately greeted by a hail of local chatter coming from almost three hundred capsuleers, none of which included the location of the attack. This was an obvious problem, seeing as I had no idea where I was supposed to be going to fight the Sansha invaders. After five minutes or so of spamming local begging for a location, I finally got what I was looking for: the attack was taking place at Planet 4. Upon warping into the battlefield, I got my first taste of grid lag with a lovely 5-second delay in moving and module activation. I was lucky in the battle, only taking aggro from 2 or 3 Sansha battleships, which melted quickly against the hundreds of ships shooting at them. After taking out another wave of Nation battleships, we all saw what we were most dreading: a Sansha carrier. As a number of ships, from lowly frigates to blaster-fitted Faction battleships closed in for the potential to kill a capital ship, we recieved this ghastly message in local from the carrier pilot, a Nation-loyal, CCP-controlled capsuleer:

Slave Ation09 > Priming smartbomb waves.

Seeing as I was one of the many pilots within smartbomb range, using my autocannon-fitted Hurricane, we all turned about and began burning away from the carrier, but to no avail. As the smartbombs activated, I saw my shields melt down to roughly 5%. Thankfully, my Cane was passive shield-fit, so the damage disappeared rather quickly. As we continued to chip away at the Carrier's shields, it suddenly disappeared, jumping through the wormhole from whence it came. As we spat upon the wrecks of the dead Sansha battleships and warped to return to what we were doing previously, I let my inner RP'er out in the many RP channels, meeting fellow blogger Mike Azariah. Just in case you are reading this atm Mike, you fought well today. Perhaps we shall meet again.

But after that, I ran back home to Hahda, switched to my Hulk, and ran off to join a corp mining op. What a wonderfully bland way to end a fantastically exciting day!

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tourney results and lowsec visits

Well, after forgetting to post the results of my alliance tournament, I feel like I'm obligated to treat my readers (or lack thereof) to a special post! Sadly enough, I forgot to document the whole thing so I'm just going to talk about the fights I was in.

First Fight: Axinex (Rifter) vs Eelaina Sis (Cant remember)
This one started out pretty well, with myself narrowly leading Eelaina into armor with my EMP S-loaded autocannons. That's where I messed up. In using a EM round, I made it nearly impossible to get through her armor. And, as expected, once I got through her shields, my DPS disappeared. Idiocity on my behalf.
Winner: Eelaina Ris

Seeing as this was a fight where it was stop-at-structure, I was thoroughly frustrated in not getting either a kill- or loss-mail, so I flew out to station to rep up and reload on ammo.

Fight Two: Axinex (Rifter) vs. Rain Fellswoop (Rifter)
Well, this fight was a goddamn massacre. Within 45 seconds of opening fire, I was half way through armor, mostly due to the fact that I was using an armor buffer tank rather than an active armor tank. No contest.
Winner: Rain Fellswoop

After the tourney ended, I flew home to Caslemon to start getting ready for a manufacturing run. After an hour of hauling minerals from one end of Gallente space to the other and consolidating oher assets, I threw my 100 Tristans into the oven and let them cook. They should be done in 4 days or so... So while I was sitting doing nothing in station other than aimlessly looking up market data, my Alliance-mate Rain Fellswoop (yeah the same guy that slaughtered me hours before) was trekking into lowsec to move some old assets back to Empire. Suddenly, the alliance public channel lit up ad he began blabbing the details of a near-perfect group of systems in Amarr lowsec. As he coninued, I began to imagine what things would be like, and long story short, I headed to market to gather supplies to join up with Rain in said systems (no I won't tell you where these systems are. I'd rather not turn the empty place into a bustling killzone.) so yeah, I ended up fitting a Thorax for some basic self-defense pvp. I then proceeded to log off and sleep xD

The next day (today), I started heading out to the point of no return, the last bit of real Empire I'd see until I came home. After hauling ass through lowsec, without a hitch, I made it to my destination. Upon arrival, I found an empty system, with the exception of myself and Rain. For the next 5 hours, we did lots of setting up safespots, ratting, surveying, finding and nearly getting killed by POS'es, and running a few complexes. In less than one day in lowsec, I doubled my wallet. :D

Overall, I'm really liking lowsec. Where we are, at least. Though this is technically a "scouting party" for a future lowsec home for our alliance, we have turned it into a mission to drop a POS in lowsec (in order to "pay for further 'scouting trips'") and in a sense, an adventure. I don't plan on doing any mining out here until we get some blueprints for ammo (which we nearly ran out of xD), nor do I plan on intentionally pvp'ing, but I feel the carebear starting to fade away.

Axinex > haha i think im starting to like it here, I might like it so much, i may never leave xD
Rain Fellswoop > lol

But anyways...
Fly Safe, Shoot Straight

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Alliance tourney

Participating in my alliance's first 1v1 tourney. I'll be in the t1 Frigate category, using my trusty Rifter. I'll post about how it goes afterwards.

Fly safe, shoot straight!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Broken hardware and getting back...

Well, first in news, the Ethernet wall jack that I use to connect my computer to the intarwebz has finally kicked the bucket, so no internet spaceships for at least a few more hours. I'll be stopping by radio shack later to pick up a new one. And once it's in the wall, I'll be getting back to Tranquility. I'm thinking of working on my mineral processing skills so I can make use of my ORIE's complimentary t2 mining crystals on my shiny new Hulk :D (well, I received it back in March but I've never had the opportunity to pull it out of the hangar and tear up some asteroids with it yet. >_<)

I haven't played since March, before Tyrannis, so perhaps I'll try my hand at Planetary Interaction for a bit of passive income to supplement ratting, missioning, and my normal space-based industrial banter.

On another note, starting in August, I'll be joining the American workforce, so I'll finally have a way to pay for EVE on my own without waiting for holidays and what not.

Until then...
Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

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Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead yet. I am just simply taking a break from EVE, but not willingly. I've been out of money for a good while now and I won't be able to play for at least a few more weeks, when I actually have money to put towards reactivating Axinex. But anyways, when I get back, I'll be back blogging to my heart's content. So, I suppose I'll post some sort of plan for Axi in terms of skills and other stuffs, so until then...

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Just got home from the Blackhawks - Coyotes hockey game. Pissed as hell. Now even more so because the drivers for my graphics card are borked! They keep malfunctioning. The card is fine, BIOS says everything is running cool, my fans are spinning fast and fine, everything is fine physically. On the software level, something isn't working right. I'll post again later when I figure it out.

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.


Wow, I've been gone a while, and it seems that I've finally made the blogroll! Well then, I guess that it's only fair that I treat my new readers to a post, no not this one, I've got one scheduled for tomorrow, seeing as I just got home from vacation. For now, I'm out.

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekends and Spring Break

I know, I haven't been keeping up with this, but on the bright side, I'm now officially on spring break, which means I'll even more time to play EVE!

On another note, we're having another one of our corporate mining ops today, so that's something to look forward to. Hopefully, my parents won't get in the way of asteroid snack time today.

Just an update on the corp: We're still recruiting! Mail or convo me and you could probably join up!

Alrighty, that's it for my short post, more to come tonight after the op and what not.

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Corp Recruiting

Okay, so Osirus Outerreach (my CEO) and I were talking the other day during one of our usually quiet mining ops and I finally realized: "Wow, it's really quiet here." And off of that, we started off with the idea of trying to recruit new members. Seeing that Osirus was busy running 3 clients, it was up to me to start recruiting in the only way I could while remaining in the belt: spamming in the infamous Recruitment channel. Surprisingly enough, we had a prospect come into our public channel right off the bat. It didn't take much to convince him to join: he had just returned from a one-year hiatus and his corp was pretty much dead.

To say the least, corporation recruiting sucks. We've got cans out all around Essence and Sinq Laison next to a number of gates with our advertisements, I'm still spamming the Recruitment channel, and I'm even contemplating flying out to Couster or Oursulaert and posting the recruitment message we're using in local. I can't believe I put myself out for this, but I suppose it'll all be worth it in the end, right?

If you guys have any good strategies for recruiting, feel free to post them (I really need some better ideas on this one.).

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

Axinex - An Introduction

Alrighty, so I've decided to start this blog with the purpose of sharing with you, my fellow capsuleers, my experiences in New Eden. To start off: I joined in November of 2008 but took a good long hiatus until October 2009. I'm mainly a miner and manufacturer, living on .5 Gallente ores and anything I can find in a gravmetric site. Occasionally, when none of my corpmates are online and I'm bored of scavenging through market data, I pull out my Myrmidon gone drone-carrier or my blaster Incursis and either go mission running or rat hunting in the systems around Villore. I usually prefer to stay out of lowsec as much as I can but it is sometimes impossible to avoid it. When I'm a manufacturer, I'm all about T1 ammunition. If you need it, I'll make it! Just EVEmail me.

Now, I'm not a solo pilot, and I haven't been for a long time. Days after the end of my hiatus, I strolled into the Recruitment channel and came across AI Trading Co. After talking with Macnabit (their recruiter) about benefits, I joined them and hung out, running mining ops every week for a month. During my time at AITC, I became friends with my corpmates and have been following them around since then. After another short break in November, I came back and followed my friends into Outerreach Innovations Enterprise [ORIE]. Since then, I've survived a wardec, the leaving of our alliance, and a failed attempt to create my own corporation, all while still coming out on top and staying alive. BTW: We're recruiting ;)

Overall, I've grown in EVE through my experiences. I'm a determined industrialist *carebear* (inb4 someone calls me a carebear.). Oh, and I forgot to mention why I even started this blog in the first place: when I got my iPod Touch, I found Capsuleer and thus CK's Blog Pack. After reading through and noting the lack of industrialists, I decided that I should at least try my hand at EVE blogging. I hope you guys enjoy reading my bits and pieces to come!

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.