Monday, June 21, 2010

Broken hardware and getting back...

Well, first in news, the Ethernet wall jack that I use to connect my computer to the intarwebz has finally kicked the bucket, so no internet spaceships for at least a few more hours. I'll be stopping by radio shack later to pick up a new one. And once it's in the wall, I'll be getting back to Tranquility. I'm thinking of working on my mineral processing skills so I can make use of my ORIE's complimentary t2 mining crystals on my shiny new Hulk :D (well, I received it back in March but I've never had the opportunity to pull it out of the hangar and tear up some asteroids with it yet. >_<)

I haven't played since March, before Tyrannis, so perhaps I'll try my hand at Planetary Interaction for a bit of passive income to supplement ratting, missioning, and my normal space-based industrial banter.

On another note, starting in August, I'll be joining the American workforce, so I'll finally have a way to pay for EVE on my own without waiting for holidays and what not.

Until then...
Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

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