Monday, August 9, 2010

Sansha Attacks?

Well, I realize that I've been neglecting my blog for a while, and I guess my readers deserve better in terms of more posts. I'd post more but school is starting this coming Monday, meaning the amount of time that I can spend playing EVE will become strained. But who says I can't blog this week before school starts? Let's start now.

Well, today was mostly uneventful until I logged in after lunch to the following message:

******** > Citizens of the empire, rise in arms, there is an attack under way on the Madirmilire system. Let us stand together and drive those monsters back to where they came from.

The first thought to run through my mind was: "EPICK LEWTZ." The second was: "Oh shit. Sansha battlships and caps in highsec... Lots of dead capsuleers... Moar lewtz!" After deliberating with myself and my alliance-mates for a minute or two, I swapped the web on my Cane for an EM shield hardener and undocked.

Upon jumping into Madirmilire, I was immediately greeted by a hail of local chatter coming from almost three hundred capsuleers, none of which included the location of the attack. This was an obvious problem, seeing as I had no idea where I was supposed to be going to fight the Sansha invaders. After five minutes or so of spamming local begging for a location, I finally got what I was looking for: the attack was taking place at Planet 4. Upon warping into the battlefield, I got my first taste of grid lag with a lovely 5-second delay in moving and module activation. I was lucky in the battle, only taking aggro from 2 or 3 Sansha battleships, which melted quickly against the hundreds of ships shooting at them. After taking out another wave of Nation battleships, we all saw what we were most dreading: a Sansha carrier. As a number of ships, from lowly frigates to blaster-fitted Faction battleships closed in for the potential to kill a capital ship, we recieved this ghastly message in local from the carrier pilot, a Nation-loyal, CCP-controlled capsuleer:

Slave Ation09 > Priming smartbomb waves.

Seeing as I was one of the many pilots within smartbomb range, using my autocannon-fitted Hurricane, we all turned about and began burning away from the carrier, but to no avail. As the smartbombs activated, I saw my shields melt down to roughly 5%. Thankfully, my Cane was passive shield-fit, so the damage disappeared rather quickly. As we continued to chip away at the Carrier's shields, it suddenly disappeared, jumping through the wormhole from whence it came. As we spat upon the wrecks of the dead Sansha battleships and warped to return to what we were doing previously, I let my inner RP'er out in the many RP channels, meeting fellow blogger Mike Azariah. Just in case you are reading this atm Mike, you fought well today. Perhaps we shall meet again.

But after that, I ran back home to Hahda, switched to my Hulk, and ran off to join a corp mining op. What a wonderfully bland way to end a fantastically exciting day!

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.


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  1. It takes time but I try to keep up on a lot of blogs. So yeah. I read this and the attack WAS a blast. You were lucky, I was in an interceptor close in when the bombs went off.

    ow ow ow