Monday, March 8, 2010

Axinex - An Introduction

Alrighty, so I've decided to start this blog with the purpose of sharing with you, my fellow capsuleers, my experiences in New Eden. To start off: I joined in November of 2008 but took a good long hiatus until October 2009. I'm mainly a miner and manufacturer, living on .5 Gallente ores and anything I can find in a gravmetric site. Occasionally, when none of my corpmates are online and I'm bored of scavenging through market data, I pull out my Myrmidon gone drone-carrier or my blaster Incursis and either go mission running or rat hunting in the systems around Villore. I usually prefer to stay out of lowsec as much as I can but it is sometimes impossible to avoid it. When I'm a manufacturer, I'm all about T1 ammunition. If you need it, I'll make it! Just EVEmail me.

Now, I'm not a solo pilot, and I haven't been for a long time. Days after the end of my hiatus, I strolled into the Recruitment channel and came across AI Trading Co. After talking with Macnabit (their recruiter) about benefits, I joined them and hung out, running mining ops every week for a month. During my time at AITC, I became friends with my corpmates and have been following them around since then. After another short break in November, I came back and followed my friends into Outerreach Innovations Enterprise [ORIE]. Since then, I've survived a wardec, the leaving of our alliance, and a failed attempt to create my own corporation, all while still coming out on top and staying alive. BTW: We're recruiting ;)

Overall, I've grown in EVE through my experiences. I'm a determined industrialist *carebear* (inb4 someone calls me a carebear.). Oh, and I forgot to mention why I even started this blog in the first place: when I got my iPod Touch, I found Capsuleer and thus CK's Blog Pack. After reading through and noting the lack of industrialists, I decided that I should at least try my hand at EVE blogging. I hope you guys enjoy reading my bits and pieces to come!

Fly Safe, Shoot Straight.

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